Monday, 28 April 2014


The rolling snowball is just about the power of compounding. Anything goes as an investment as long as it keeps the snowball rolling at the best speed I can achieve for the longest period of time. I might post about some microcap company I believe is insanely cheap on day one and a month later be posting about a huge mega cap, as long as I believe it is the best investment for my current knowledge.

My available time is short so my best ideas might be worse than your best ideas (if you think so, feel free to tell me yours). Also, despite my unconscious preference for large or mega caps the truth is that my most effective ideas ever were micro and small caps and probably that will continue to be true in the future, but please judge my ideas on their merits.

I will likely own most stocks I post about. I truly believe in the power of incentives and as such I feel it is strange when somebody preaches an investment and does not buy into it. The fact that I believe something is a good idea does not make it a good idea (unfortunately), so you would better do a sanity check on my posts (all sanity reminders are welcome, that is the main purpose of this blog). As such, I see my ideas as no more than that and I intend in no way to recommend you to follow them. Similarly I might buy or sell the any security without prior notice.

1- Do not take my posted opinions as an investment advice.
2- The posted information is believed (by me) to be truthful but you should always double check.
3-What might make sense in my particular situation might not make sense in yours. Everybody is different and has different objectives and limits
4- Opinions expressed on the blog are just opinions and can (and will by definition) sometimes be wrong
5- Since this blog is not intended for investment advice I am not subject to any limitation in buying or selling any security and will not be restricted by the posted opinions in any way.

So, please let the snowball keep rolling

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