Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Toyota Caetano: Third trimester relevant info summed up:

Toyota Caetano: Third trimester relevant info summed up:
Vehicles produced:217+0+137=354 units ( 278 in 4T2013, 248 in 1T and 513 in 2T)
Vehicles sold: 1417+669= 2086 units (2123 units in 2T2014, which seem to include 210 RACs, so external sales actually increased)
Renting number of units: 1226 units  vs 1383 units before 3T2013 (1129 auto and 254 industrial)
Industrial machines forklift market: 302 units  (1T 2014 324 units and 2T 2014 377 units

Segmental results:
Auto production in 4T2013: -900k --- Expect -600k
Auto commerce in 2T2014: 535 k Expect 550k
Auto renting in 3T2013: 685k Expect 620k
Auto services small loss Expect -50k
Industrial machines sales in 1T2014: 80K Expect 70k
Industrial services: stable in 300-400k Expect 300K
Industrial renting: about 200-400K Expect 300k
Eliminations 2T2014: 600k

So will guess:  720k profit in 3T2014, about 0.02€/share

ps: the promised post about related parties is written but I want to re-check it when I am less tired. In the meanwhile, and since Q3 results should be out soon, I decided to do this post

disclaimer: read previous Toyota Caetano disclaimers and the introduction post. I will be wrong so do your own research


  1. Hi nice find! I had longer comment but it got destroyed some how. But the question that I had in mind was that do they sell the imported cars to independent dealerships or do they have their own dealership network?

    Their websites refers only to imports but there are conflicting information about this...I believe in Cap Werde they have their own dealership at least.

    1. From 2013 AR:
      "Caetano Auto was responsible in 2013 for registering 3,484 new
      vehicles, against 2,772 units in 2012, thus showing an improvement of more than 25%.
      Used vehicles business is highly influenced by the new vehicles’ activity, considering "trade-ins" which serve as partial payment of new units and therefore it is also a business that records the constraints of new vehicles.
      To fight this trend of business degradation, highly conditioned by the current situation, Caetano Auto continues to develop new sales channels, including the Internet, by means of participating in auctions from specialised sites."

      As a side note: in portuguese it reads "responsável em 2013 pela matricula de 3.484 unidades de veículos novos" - a "matricula" is the identifying plate you must use in cars. As such you only "register" the car when it is sold to the end costumer (unless it is bought by the stand and then sold as half-new at a discount after being used for some months)

      ps: this is their site for clients http://www.toyota.pt/ - if you go to "localizar um concessionário" you can search the dealerships (I typed Porto on the location since Toyota Caetano is based in Gaia, on the other side of the river). From what I understand those named Caetano Auto (...) are theirs, the remaining I haven't checked but I doubt it

  2. Yeah I read that but didn't connect the dots :). If they were just importing the cars they wouldn't be registering them, I assume. But as they are registering the cars they have probably sold them to end user because dealerships wouldn't register the cars for their own name...

    There is also distinction between receivables from "Ordinary customers" and "Independent Dealerships" in at least 2007 annual report which would indicate that they sell directly to end customer. Although their english translations are horrible so I cannot be sure. Wonder what the payment terms are for customers...

    Of course it would be nice to know how many dealerships they have and what is the sales mix between used and new cars and all that stuff. So they have left some improvement on the reporting front.

    But are the Caetano Auto SA sales only related to Toyota sales? Because if you go to their website (http://www.caetanoauto.pt/pt), you cand find BMW, Nissan and other multibrand stuff. Although if you click say "Renault", it directs you to other site so maybe it relates to the Salvador Caetano Group(?).

    1. Just went to check the site. I wasn't understanding your doubt at the start. At the site you read caetano auto and below that in new cars you only find Toyota and Lexus and at the bottom of the page it says: "MARCAS CAETANO AUTO, SA": Lexus Toyota (symbols).
      However at the top it says Caetano Retail Marcas (and there you can choose other brands). Caetano Retail belongs to the Salvador Caetano group and if you notice you are always redirected (to Caetano Baviera, Caetano Sport, Caetano Star, etc).